Sunday, November 11, 2012

I like turtles--I mean dolls

Posted by Ainsley Cooper at 7:55 AM
So I've been on a doll craze lately. More specifically Liv dolls. I wanted to crochet some barbie clothes and when looking for one that would fit my needs (I needed a pose-able one) I discovered the Livs and just had to have one.
I ended up getting a Sophie and a Daniela doll AND THEY'RE TOTALLY AWESOME! Lol.
The first thing I did with them was fix their eyes. I actually swapped them out because I think it's cliche to have a blond hair blue eyed doll (ahem, Sophie). So now Dani's got blue eyes and the Soph has brown. I like them even more now.
I ended up not crocheting clothes for them but making some no-sew outfits out of old t-shirts and the like since I suck at sewing by hand and don't have a machine.
I came up with my own way of making them since I couldn't find any tutorials online that produced the results I was looking for, so I will post my tuts here later today.
For now though I will put up some pics I took shortly after I got them. I had already done the eye swap.

As you can see, they're a bit disheveled and Dani is for sure cross eyed (I've fixed that). I definitely think they look better with each others eyes.
Best part is, my daughter can play with them when she's old enough, so the $15 I spent on these girls will stretch for a looooong time.


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