Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yarn Wig

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I found a cute little tut on how to make doll wigs out of yarn here: Yarn Doll Wig Tutorial and decided to make one myself with some leftover yarn I had from the Kindle sleeve I made for my husband.
CLEARLY, it did not turn out as well and doesn't look much like hair (which is fine since I was going for a dreadlocks look anyway) but I think it looks cute enough on Dani.

I really like the color of these pants but wish I had a sewing machine or the patience of hand sewing, so that these might not look incredibly shoddy due to the fact that I glued the seams together. lol.

Please excuse the nip slip going on here but I thought it was a nice picture aside from that.
A hat that I made for her that doesn't quite fit the enormity of "hair". Yair?

Ahahahaha! I tried to move her eyes like she was looking at the flower but it's hard to do without eyelids. It just looks like she's ready to either devour or kill he flower. Maybe both. YOO DISHONOR! I KEEL YOO!

Some extras:


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