Friday, May 17, 2013

New stuff coming...eventually.

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To anyone who might be reading this, we've been in the process of PCSing (moving) to GA. The very small, somewhat backwoods town of Valdosta. It's not too bad I guess. The scenery is nice when you're on the good side of town and the people I've come across are either nice enough or kinda weird, but I haven't met any of those downright assholes that seem so abundant in Pensacola. Also, most of the people here know how to drive. I've yet to get my usual dose of road rage.

Anywho, I've got a few projects on the way once we get the supplies to get them done. My favorite being the vintage, mid century style dresser I found. I've also been on the hunt for, and found some unique photo frames. And I still have my daughters furniture that I have to repaint because none of the colors match.
I would like to get a sewing machine and redo the material on our "new" couches but my husband likes the color scheme so I'll have to wait until it gets worn before I do that. We've also got a coffee table I found that needs refinishing. I'm not sure if it's vintage or what. It seems like it is because of the quality but it's got a very modern design. Oh, and the bar stools I want to paint and reupholster because they're kinda blah, they look like every other Walmart/Target bar stool out there.

I may post up a few crochet/knit/knook projects at some point. They will mostly be household items. But doll stuff is on hiatus for a while longer.

I will get around to putting up pictures of my projects on here and some pictures I've taken of the scenery here up on my photoblog ([ART] Photographix--in case you were interested).


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