Sunday, November 11, 2012

No-Sew Doll T-shirt

Posted by Ainsley Cooper at 12:29 PM
What you'll need:
-an old shirt (really any type of fabric)
-fabric glue (optional)
-sew on velcro or stick on velcro which is easier but not as cheap. (optional)
-string/yarn, or hair tie (optional)

*I will be showing you how to do this using velcro. If you do not want to use velcro then use string to hold the shirt in place*
First thing's first; cut out a square that's long enough to cover the the length of the torso (unless you want a crop top) and wide enough to wrap around the dolls body.

 Then, fold the fabric in half width wise and place your doll on top. Using the scissors, make a slight cut in the fabric on each side of the doll where the arms will go (arm holes). If you want a tank top style, make the cuts more on top of the shoulder than by the arm like I've done.

Next, cut a half circle between the two arm hole cuts you made. The wider the distance between the half circle and the arm holes, the wider your sleeve is going to be. But don't make the circle too big or you'll have some nip slips.

Now you'll want to cut along the folded edge up to the arm hole. Do this for each side.
Unfold the fabric and pick which half is going to be your backside and then, starting at the bottom of the armhole, cut down at a slight inward angle. (The right side on mine is just folded under. Both sides of yours should look like the left side of mine.)

Then you'll take your velcro and cut it into skinny, long strips and use your fabric glue to glue it to your shirt.
You'll take the widest part and glue a strip onto the back and another onto the front along the edges. (or just stick them on there if you have the sticky kind) Wait for the glue to dry.

Now for the fun part!
Pull the shirt over the doll's head (through the hole obvs) with the skinny piece in the back. Then, wrap the long sides around to the back and fasten the velcro!! Super simple!

Et voila! A shirt!!!

If you don't want to buy velcro you can always use a makeshift belt (ie string/yarn, or a hairband) to hold the pieces in place.

A DC shirt I made with this method:


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