Sunday, November 11, 2012

To clarify...

Posted by Ainsley Cooper at 6:36 PM
Moxie Teenz wigs DO fit on Liv dolls. I was reading all over the internet trying to figure this out because the cheapest Liv wigs I could find were on Amazon and would have ended up costing at least $10 after shipping and all that. And I'm a cheap-ass so that was no bueno for me.
In my research I kept getting mixed stories. "Oh they fit."--"Well, I have both and they don't." Blah blah blah. They have them for $5 at Toys R Us, so I just grabbed two and said to hell with it.
And what do you know, Moxie Teenz wigs DO fit Liv dolls.
Here's proof:

Mizz Dani in a beee-yooo-tee-ful pink wig and "rave"outfit I made for her from some old aerobics pants I had. Snazzy!

And here's Soph in a blond-ish wig. Wearing some clothes I jacked off a Stardoll (ugly little things, those--but super cute clothes!), and also Stardoll shoes. They're a bit big but YOU can't tell and that's all that's important. The bolero is hers though.

I will say, though, that it probably just seems like they don't fit because unless you either (a) put some kind of sticky stuff down like tack or double sided tape or (b) don't move them around hardly any, the wigs fall off because there is nothing holding them on.

I will also say that you get what you pay for. These wigs are not nearly as full as a Liv wig. It's also possible some lazy employee made mine since the pink wig is actually half decent while the long blond wig is so shoddy there are obvious areas that don't get covered. I had to spend 5+ minutes spreading the hair out just right on Sophie to cover the bald spots. There was also about three yards (not literally) of extra plastic hanging off the blond wig that I had to cut off.

Worth it.


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